Monday, 23 November 2009

Foundation Production
This is a photo of my first attempt of my magazine. As you can see it is not that good because the text does not contrast and lit looks very amateurish. The heading is good and I will keep that. The hooks are all too big and look like they are appealing to a younger age range. I feel that the hooks were in a text, which did not resemble the style of magazine I was making, the hooks are in a text, which would best resemble a rock style magazine. The background is a plain styled one, which consists of black flowing into white, giving a good/bad feel to the magazine. The main image I chose was a medium close shot of myself. I decided to use myself because I felt that I was the most capable for the front-page model. For the heading i decided to use three colours. I used white text for the writing on the black background and black text for the writing on the white background. After I changed the text colour I added a stroke to the heading, making it stand out more. This stroke is a dark gold and is similar to the shirt on the model. This simple colour scheme helps to give the magazine a simple but effective appeal.

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