Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Foundation Production

This contents page for a ‘Mojo’ magazine is very simple when compared to the contents page for ‘NME’. It has a collage of photos on the left hand side to attract the attention of the magazine buyers and give them some idea of what the magazine will contain.

The title ‘Mojo’ in the top right of is unusual for a contents page as they are normally labelled ‘contents’ The listing of all the articles and stories down the right hand side of the magazine only contains three different colours, red, black and a white background. This is very common for a well known professional magazine because it makes the magazine look simple, un-cluttered and easy to read.

At the bottom of the contents page is three articles from famous music persons. This has its own section to the page to attract attention to it and make the buyers of the magazine aware of it.

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