Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Preliminary Project
This is a copy of my finished contents page. The title 'contents' is in the same font, same font size and same style as the heading on the front cover. I did this to allow the readers to associate the cover and the contents with each other. This association is also shown in the background as it is identical to that of the cover. The information on the top left is the information which is present on the front cover; this is shown in the title. The title of each story is identical the title on the front cover. However, underneath the title is a description of what it is about, all in a smaller size font and italics, this helps the reader to distinguish the title from the description with ease. The pictures in the top right have been put on a blue background to make them stand out more. Each picture directly links to a heading on the left and also contains a page number so the reader can see which heading the picture corresponds to. The bottom left of the page has a title of 'Plus...' which is information and articles not advertised on the front cover. The set out of this section on the contents is identical to the 'From Front' section but a mirror image of it. In some of the article descriptions the writing is a different colour and in capitals. This is to draw attention to this and make the reader want to read more about the topic. The word 'REVEALED' implies that the information is brand new and not many people know about it, making the reader curious, wanting and to buy the magazine to find out more.

Preliminary Project
My name is Thomas .M. Hannett and I am student at Heworth Grange 6th Form studying media. The brief we were given was to design and create the front cover and the contents of a school magazine. The photo on the left is a finished copy of my front cover.
To create this cover, firstly I had to go around the school and take some photos of people which I have used on my front cover. The main image on the front cover was taken and then edited on 'Photoshop' to remove the background which was not required on the cover.
I then decided to add a bright and attractive background of orange fading into red, from top left to bottom right. This attractiveness is added too by adding a bright, bold and textured heading to attract the reader.
The three photos down the left of the cover pull the reader in because they are attracting and make the reader want to know more.
The price at the bottom of the cover is bright and simple. It shows you that the magazine is good value and good quality.
Under the title I have written 'issue 1' which informs the reader that this is the first issue of a series of magazines.
The barcode on the bottom left of the cover is small but easy to find by the cashier