Monday, 23 November 2009

Foundation Production For the second draft of my magazine I moved the image to a more centralised place on the front cover. I also increased the brightness and contrast of the image to make the model appear to look slightly tanned and also increases the defined. The text on the hooks on the left hand side of the cover looked amateurish and appealed to a younger audience in the first draft, this is the reason I decided to change it. I changed it to a more simple bold text and also added: a drop shadow, bevel and emboss, outer glow and a stroke, which is the same colour of that on the title. The title was also stretched downwards to make it larger and more identifiable. I also added more hooks down the right hand side of the magazine. I used to different texts to give the magazine a classy look. In this draft I also added a bar across the top with famous peoples names that are featured in the magazine. To the right of the model I added an issue number, a date and also a website which people can use for further information about the magazine. Above the barcode to the bottom left of the screen I also added a price, the price is £1.00 because the questionnaire research showed that this is the price, which is most popular by the possible audience for my magazine.

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