Monday, 9 November 2009

Foundation Production
This article is from the well known magazine in the U.K called 'HEAT'. this article contains three small photos instead of one main one like the article from 'LOOK'. the main photo is a medium close shot of June Sarpong who is a well known presenter for channell 4.

The article contains a very basic colour scheme consisting of black, white and orange. the backround of the article is plain white. The main body of text is a normal style black font and the questions are in bold to draw attention to them. the key quotes and titles are boldand orange, they are written in capitals and a different font to draw attention to them and make the article look more interesting.

the article also contains a websight at the very bottom, and also contains two advertisement. there is an advertisment for 'orange' and also for 'heat radio' which is in a big attractive circle next to the main photo in the middle of the page.

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