Monday, 9 November 2009

Foundation Production
The above article is from the well-known woman’s magazine 'LOOK'. The article has a full page of the model looking straight into the camera in a medium long shot. The style of the picture is a 'chocolate box' according to Marjorie Ferguson's theory. The model, Jade Ewen, has a half smile with slightly parted lips and visible teeth. The showing of her legs gives a sexual feel to picture. The projected mood of Jade Ewen is blandly blessing. All of theses features are present in the 'chocolate box'.

The right hand side of the article consists of the content. The title of the article is an indirect quote from the interview. The article uses two fonts, one for the titles and descriptions and another for the article. The font which is used for the main body font is more simple and easy to read. The second font is more catchy and attractive, this italic text is used for the; title, quotation in the middle of the page, the first letter of the article and also to describe the pictures in the bottom left of the right hand page.

This article from 'LOOK' uses two basic colours, black and white. The colours of the article also reflect on the clothe that the model is wearing. The background of the article is white like the models top and the text is black like her skirt. This use of simple colours allows the article to be read easily and helps the text to stand out.

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