Wednesday, 4 May 2011

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

In order to get the best possible response we screened out film to the target audience and then filmed their responses.

Overall we received very positive responses from the audience and took onboard what they had to say. The main thing that needed changed was the last shot which was too long. As well as this a majority of people said that it would be better if the sound had ended before the final text cards. So I went back the raw product and shortened the final shot and fade the music out slightly earlier.

Without the audience feedback none of us would have thought to do this, but in carrying out the modifications suggested we have created a much stronger product.


After handing out our questionnaires to a random sample of the target audience we took them back in and went through them to see what our findings were. Overall we found that our trailer was liked and would be seen by most of the target audience.

As well as generic questions we also gave the audience a specific question. In the pie carts below the copy of the questionnaire, pie number five represents the answer the question I asked the audience 'What do you think of the use of locations and props within the trailer'

Below is a copy of the questionnaires we handed to the audience.


For the questionnaire we used a mixture of open and closed questions. The main reason for this was so we were able to show some findings in the form of pie charts as well as being able to receive feedback from people. As the pie charts above show, our trailer was well liked by the audience it was shown to. The open questions were very useful and the main thing we found was that the last shot could benefit from being made shorter. With this knowledge we then went back to the drawing boards to make some final adjustments.

As well as this we found out that most of the audience we asked would prefer the music to end before the final credits. We also made these adjustments to the trailer in order to further satisfy the audience.

Overall I feel that the audience feedback session went very well and help us to make some very good final adjustments to our trailer

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