Wednesday, 4 May 2011

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary tasks?

I feel that as individual products my work is very good but not strong. However, if you combine together the magazine cover and poster with the actual trailer you find that they all complement each other well and help to create a real looking product which refelects both the genre and mise en scene of horror. The horror trailer alone I feel is a strong piece of work, but when combined with the poster and magazine cover it is somewhat supported. The main fact that I realised when completing all of my work is that, although it is the main part of the overall task, the trailer is almost nothing without the two supporting pieces of work, most importantly the poster. As I found out during the research section of my coursework I discovered that almost every trailer does indeed have an accompanying poster.

The main product can be shown in a variety of places on the internet, but the poster and magazine will be able to be seen in shops, on billboards, on bus stops, in shop windows, on trains (below) as well as being able to be found on the internet. The wider audience reached by creating print work pieces which are directly linked to the trailer maximises the possible audience by showing them a glimpse of the film without them necessarily having to be in the cinema or online.

The main product, however, is able to be shown on a multiplicity of websites which will give it a much larger audience who are able to comment and give feedback to the product itself. Websites that it could be featured on include ‘’ ‘YouTube’ as well as social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace (below).

This type of advertising is called viral marketing and is a great way of advertising out final piece, especially because the target age group is 15-25. This means that most of them will have access to the internet, probably on more than one level, be it computer, laptop, mobile phone or iPod. Viral marketing is a very cheap way to advertise and, as we have no budget, it would suit our film well. The best example of viral marketing is ‘Paranormal Activity’ (below) which was involved in a massive advertising campaign in which people had to vote where the film was shown, giving the audience a very good sense of false ownership.

The main thing about being able to use a variety of websites is the fact that I have combined the process of ‘producing’ and ‘consuming’ in order to become a prosumer. This has gave me many advantages but the main one is me being able to produce a product at the same time as enjoying already existing ones, which also aided in production

By using the production name ‘Lionsgate’ we are already implying that the product will be of good quality. The main reason for this is because ‘Lionsgate’ is a reputable and international production company which is known by the consumer for being a good independent company. They have produced things such as the Saw sage and Hostel

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