Wednesday, 4 May 2011

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

After looking back at last years blog we decided that it was way to text heavy, especially in the evaluation section. To overcome this we have decided to add a video response to this particular question. By doing this we learnt many more skills, such as how to pic up sound successfully, this was relevant because our trailer itself did not actually have any dialogue in it. By making a video response instead of writing a formal essay, we created a media project within a media project. By this I mean that the whole process of filming our response was like a project within itself and was a lot more challenging then making an essay, but a lot more rewarding. It is much easier to watch and listen then to reed and reed through work. Below is our response to the question given in the title, and it is a good explanation of why we did not include any dialogue in our trailer:

The above video is over 30 minutes long which means it is very big in size. As blogger only allows certain size videos to be uploaded we had to have the video reduced in size in order to show all of the quality in the video. The downside to this is that the sound, as well as visual quality of the video has been reduced. This is the reason in which the sound is slightly off.

The origional larger sized film which is of much better quality can be found by following the link below

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