Saturday, 1 January 2011


I feel that the locations that we film in are vital to the success of the trailer. We decided as a group that we should film in a wooded area in order to make the horror trailer scarier. Obviously we could have just chose anywhere to film, but instead I carefully selected many areas to film in. We may not use all of the areas but by having chosen more then one we can always move to another area and knowing it is acceptable to film in. It took me many weeks of continuously driving around to find suitable locations to shoot in. Most of the areas can bee seen on the map below.

This map, courtesy of Google maps, shows where we will be filming our torture scenes. Letter A upon the map is our school, at NE10 0PT. The other destinations will be used for the disequilibrium section of our horror trailer. We decided that to escape the organisation of urban life we would have to retreat to a more a more rural location, with very little around. This will be very effective when filming the disequilibrium section of our trailer.

Below is a video of locations and some of the problems we have faced:

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