Saturday, 1 January 2011

Other horror trailers/posters

The poster for this film is very good. You simply see two people who are trapped with no way out. they are purposely framed within the window to show that they are isolated. The slight distortion to the picture also gives it a good luck, for the films genre. You can also see the reflection of the motel sign in the window, which they appear to be looking at, with a very vacant expression.

Key Points from the Trailer

  • very dark lighting is used

  • the diegetic sound is very whispery, especially the dialogue

  • you can clearly see that the two people being focused on are lost and are filmed as being alone and in isolation

  • you can clearly see a realisation of the problem when the two are watching videos of people being killed in the room they are in

  • the speeds of the shots speed up at the same time as the the music, which works very well

Funny Games This poster is especially special. Normally you would associate white with purity and calm, but in this poster the two people wearing mainly white appear to be the 'bad guys' of the film. However, the name 'Funny Games' is in red which has connotations of blood and death. This poster also contains a review from a newspaper, to show that it has been highly rated.

Key Points from the Trailer

  • the music starts out very happy and positive and takes conventions other areas of film which would not be associated with a thriller or a horror

  • the, what we learn to be villains, are in white which is very convention breaking as the so called 'bad guys' usually dress in black as white often gives a sense of innocents

  • the music also speeds up at the same time as the shot lengths decrease

  • the text cards are red however which have connotations of blood, fear and also a sense of warning

American Psycho

This poster is very simple and very effective. There is very little text so most of your attention is on the man within the frame. The fact that he is holding a knife instantly tells you that he is probably the person in the film who will be doing the killing. The fact that we can see his reflection in the knife tells us that he has two sides. The simplicity of putting 'killer looks.' on the poster is very effective, as it makes you wonder what it is all about.

Key Points from the Trailer

  • the use of dialogue within this trailer is very minimal and is more like we intent to have our trailer

  • the talking is chatty but in a happy tone, however what the man is saying is actually pretty sick

  • lighting is also very dark within this trailer

  • the only sound when the main piece of acting is taking place is the song, which is a happy song and does not follow what would normally be associated with a trailer

  • the main villain is often wearing white but often has red blood on his face or arms which show he is the bad person within the trailer

  • as well as this the text cards are white which also represent innocence

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