Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Foundation Production
The second magazine I analysed was called 'Rock Sound'. Rock sound is a British Magazine which focuses more on alternative music. The magazine aims to be less commercial whilst still featuring big and well known artists. The magazine aims at the younger age group who are 15-24 years old, and are passionate for music. The magazine also attracts both male and female music enthusiasts.

This 'Rock Sound' magazine features a medium shot of the two models form the band 'the Automatic', who are an American boy band. They have been chosen to be put on the front of the magazine because they are popular with alternative music of the magazine. The band isn’t very well known but then again neither is the magazine. The two men on the front of the magazine are looking off the page at the reader which draws your attention. According to the theory of Marjorie Ferguson, this is a common convention of magazines.

This magazine cover has at least five different fonts which is a rare convention for a magazine which normally has no more then three fonts. There are four different colours used for text, these are; red, white, yellow and black. I think that the use of many fonts and more four colours makes the magazine look cheap, common and amateur.

The main title of the magazine is bold and attractive with a backdrop to make it appear 3D. The main title is also on top of the models which implies it is not a very well known magazine because the whole title is visible so people know what it is. The title 'The Automatic' is very difficult to read because of the text it is in. The writing down the bottom left is very easy to read because it has been put onto a white background before being placed on the cover. The photo and writing in the bottom right of the photo is a hook to attract people and try to get them to read the magazine.

In the bottom right of the magazine is the price, issue date, barcode and also a website of the magazine. They are all easy to read but do not effect the overall image of the cover by obstructing anything severely.

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