Monday, 19 October 2009

Foundation Production
The first magazine i decided to analyse was 'VIBE' a very popular music magazine. by analysing this magazine i am hoping to gain a greater knowledge of the basic conventions of magazines.

This VIBE magazine features a medium shot of Eminem, a very famous American rap artist. He has been chosen to appear on the front of this magazine because he is arguably the most famous rapper in the world. He is well known across the world and very popular with the younger audience, in which this magazine is aimed at. The main and only figure on this magazine is looking straight at the audience in a very serious pose, making you ask the question 'why does he look so serious?’ This look straight into the camera at the audience is a common convention of magazines, according to Marjorie Ferguson’s theory. Lots of young people look up to Eminem because after all he is a rich, famous musician, loved by millions which makes him the perfect model for a magazine.

This cover only has two fonts which is less than other magazines which normally have about three. The magazine has four different colours; red, white, black and grey. The use of four basic colours and only two fonts makes the cover look very professional and classy.

The titles are very bold and clear which makes then easy to read. Also there is a small number of titles and stories which makes the cover neat and tidy and not to clutter which may turn potential buyers away from the magazine. The main title 'VIBE' is also very catchy. It is two colours fading into each other and it is behind the model. The convention of putting the title behind the model is very common especially for magazines which are already popular because the title is already known by the buyer.

The rare thing about this magazine is the barcode. There is none. This may be because the magazine came in a bundle pack but this is probably not the reason because a copy is made monthly. The reason I believe there no barcode is because it may simply be on the back of the magazine.

The titles on the cover are small and catchy and are easy to read. They also draw attention to themselves by their size, the bigger the title the more important it seems to be.

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