Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Magazine Analysis

As you can see, the above magazine is focused solely on film. This is very evident because of the title of the magazine ‘Total Film’ as well as the title of a well known film on the bottom of the magazine.

As this magazine shows, the biggest title second to the heading is the name of the feature film. In this case ‘Harry Potter’. As well as this the main model on the magazine is from the main film. The main model is instantly recognisable in as a key person from the film, in this case Harry Potter. The stance is very dominant and the consumer is looking up at him.

The background is red and black which, along with the models clothing, adds to the overall mise-en-scene of the cover, giving connotations of danger in this case.

The pull lines down the sides are always film related and the biggest is always the feature article, again associated with the main film.

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