Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Ancillary Tasks

Ancillary task two: Poster

Below is a copy of my poster for which i used posters that i had previously anyalysed to gain the basic conventions of a movie poster, especially a horror poster. The previuse examples can be seen in a previuos post headed ' other horror trailers/posters'

Ancillary task one: Magazine Cover

Below is a copy of my magazine cover. The poster uses the current brand name of 'Total Film' as it is a well liked and recognisable label to the film enthusiast. This product was made using conventions of magazines in which I discovered last year. As well as this I discovered more conventions of film magazines when I analysed a Total Film magazine cover, this analysis can be seen on a previous post on my blog.

As I did not need to do as much research into existing products because of knowledge obtained last year I was able to complete this magazine cover in about a week and a half. As well as this, the fact that I did not have to think of a title enabled the production time of the product to be reduced drastically.

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